At Nainov, our Cybersecurity Team delivers External & Internal, Wi-Fi, & Web Application IT security assessments, penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and Firewall & Router rule base/configuration and/or architecture assessments.

These services enable us to assess the baseline security comportment of your organization.

As a leading cybersecurity service provider, our consultants can assist your organization to build a security road map that will allow for an increase in your overall security readiness and reduce overall security risk.


  • Network security assessments enable optimization of your critical security infrastructure
  • Penetration testing security road map enables you to plan your security to spend more effectively & efficiently by integrating and optimizing your controls.
  • Our IT security assessment solutions give your organization a view of your clear risk exposure and, visibility of your current cybersecurity status.
  • Our analysis of the penetration testing and security assessment results will highlight security risks that may require urgent action to remediate and best practice mitigating controls.


Our Web Application Security and Penetration Testing Services provide high-quality security testing by certified ethical hacking professionals with over 100 years of collective experience.

Their testing methods are the same methods hackers use to attempt to compromise the integrity of your systems, and our detailed reports and remediation recommendations give you advanced warning of your current vulnerabilities and how they could be exploited.

You can then use this information to improve your systems, to prevent this type of attack from being successful in the future, and therefore reducing the most critical risks and vulnerabilities of your organization’s exploitation to cyber-attacks.

  • Penetration Testing: Assessment and discovery of critical vulnerabilities in your network and how they may be exploited by hackers
  • Identify: Prioritize actions to undertake based on assessment results
  • Execute: Remediation and mitigation of security vulnerabilities to improve your organization’s security posture

Key benefits:

  • Improved compliance – reduce the burden of compliance violations and the risk of failing an audit
  • Competitive advantage – Superior cybersecurity practice can assist companies to acquire key clients
  • Reduced losses – Reduce the risk of financial MIS statement and reputation impact that a security breach generates
  • Improved operations – Improve your security service to help mature and strengthen your business


Our Infrastructure Security professionals also provide other range of services which includes but not limited to security assessments against external and internal networks and often discover critical vulnerabilities in key IT systems.


  • Cyber Security Review
  • External and internal penetration testing
  • Wireless penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Password auditing
  • Secure Wi-Fi installation and configuration using Meraki Cloud Managed Network solutions

Our Application Security services include:

  • Web application penetration testing
  • Thick application penetration testing
  • Application architecture security review

Additional Services:

  • Trusted Security Advisor
  • CISO as a Service